Consulting Services for Oversight Consulting (OC) Regional Management Package 7 (Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara). Urban Poverty Project (Loan IBRD Ln.7504-ID, 7866-ID, IDA Cr.4384-ID). World Bank - Ministry of Public Works. Locations: Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara Provinces. Period: March 2009 - December 2012. Contract Value: IDR 27,029,243,000.00.

Brief description of the assignment:

The scope of services provided by OC KMW, includes: (1) Carried out the assistance of provincial SNVT in contract administration and payments; (2) Carried out the assistance of Satker of Kota/Kabupaten SNVT in payment administration and monitoring withdrawal community grants; (3) Conducted the facilitation, capacity building and controlling of Korkots, Askorkots, and Faskels NCEP-Urban in their areas; (4) Controlled the facilitation of participatory planning for compiling or reviewed the capacity mapping and community development plan; (5) Controlled the facilitation of readiness of BKM and working units (UP) for withdrawal and management of community grant funds and other funds from the channeling program; (6) Conducted the facilitation and controlling of capacity building activities (training and socialization) in their areas;

Conducted the facilitation and controlling for MIS data inputs activities; (7) Controlled the facilitation for financial management activities; (8) Carried out facilitation, implementation, and achievement of high performance of the microfinance (revolving loan fund); (9) Controlled the facilitation of NCEP Urban infrastructure activities; (10) Conducted the facilitation, implementation, and management of the safeguard system and mechanism; (11) Conducted the controlling and facilitation of capacity strengthening and increasing the role of the local government in implementation of NCEP Urban in their areas; (11) Controlled and facilitated the completion of documents for CDP based on HDI-MDG; (12) Controlled and facilitated the strengthening of the role of KBP to become a communication forum for poverty alleviation efforts in the cities, involving local governments, community, and other stakeholders; (13) Carried out the quality control and facilitation of the NCEP Urban and regular UPP program.