Service Contract for Project Management Team REKOMPAK Community-Based Settlement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (CSRRP) in Earthquake Affected Areas of D.I. Yogyakarta and Central Java – PNPM Support Facility (PSF) Grant TF.098869. Multi-Donor Fund - Java Reconstruction Fund - Ministry of Public Works. Locations: Yogyakarta, and Central Java Provinces. Period: January 2013 - November 2014. Contract Value: IDR 8,147,844,000.00.

Brief description of the assignment:

The scope of services provided by service provider, includes: (1) Ensured the implementation operational support for technical assistance and assistants of the project management team REKOMPAK; (2) Provided the office and office equipment as needed to support the smooth operation of the Project Management Team REKOMPAK; (3) Provided the supporting staff as needed to assist the implementation of duties and responsibilities of Project Management Team of REKOMPAK; (4) Provided support activities Project Management Team of REKOMPAK Team as required, including the activities of coordination meetings, workshops, dissemination, socialization, consolidation, etc.; (5) Provided support for duty travel of each experts of Project Management Team of REKOMPAK according to project needs; (6) Carried out administrative and operational tasks Project Management Team of REKOMPAK team to support the optimization of the products produced by experts; (7) Carried out printing and submitting reports of Project Management Team of REKOMPAK to the Client; (8) Assisted the project Manager to documents and disseminate all documents product produced by Project Management Team of REKOMPAK team (guidance, grant agreement, project documents, manuals, modules, readiness criteria, presentation materials, etc.) as required; (9) Carried out other tasks assigned by project manager