Event Organizer (EO) for Providing Logistical Support Services for Pre-Services Training of Village Facilitation Personnel (PD) For Region 4. IBRD Loan 8217-ID. World Bank - Ministry of Village, Disadvantaged Area Development and Transmigration. Locations: Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara. Period: October 2016 - March 2016. Contract Value: IDR 16,959,540,000.00.

Brief description of the assignment:

Scope of services provided by Event Organizer includes: (1) Prepared the opening and closing rooms with a capacity according to the number of participants and invitations, and equipped with standard event organizer activities. During the opening and closing events, the EO is obliged to provide event officers, which include the MC, conductor and prayer officer; (2) Provided a committee secretariat room equipped with computers, printers, stationery materials, and another secretariat equipment; (3) Provided the classrooms, according to the number of participants; (4) Prepared a seminar kit one package per person; (5) Multiplied the material according to the number of participants; (6) Provided the accommodation and meals for trainers and participants; (7) Prepared the round-trip transport for trainers and participants; (8) Provided the documentation in the form of photos of activities; (9) Arranged the results of activities report.