Regional Management Services (ROMS) – 1 Province of Aceh. Community-Based Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Program (PAMSIMAS). IBRD 8578-ID & IBRD 8259-ID (Third Water Supply and Sanitation for Low Income Communities/Community Based Water Supply Project / PAMSIMAS III & II). Clients: World Bank - Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Location: Aceh Province. Periods: March 2017 - November 2021. Contract Value: IDR 57,144,508,442,00.

Brief Description of assignment:

The ROMS team provides support to the Provincial Program Management Unit (PPMU) and District Program Management Unit (DPMU) including, but not limited to: (1) Program planning; (2) Assistance in village selection activities; (3) Technical support for the implementation of village-level programs to ensure the suitability of targets and technical specifications; (4) Technical support for the implementation of district-level programs; (6) Technical support in the management and delivery of training activities, workshops, EGM and similar capacity building; (7) Providing support in order to solve problems related to implementation at the village, community and district and provincial levels; (8) Use of tools and disseminate program implementation in a good and timely manner; (9) Monitoring and evaluation; (10) Contract management, (11) Provide recommendations for the payment of salaries and operational costs for TFM (Senior Facilitators and Community Facilitators) in a timely manner, (12) Provide regular implementation reports to PPMU and DPMU and include reports on activities and program progress, target achievement, and risk management, copies of which are provided to CPMU and NMC.