Tourism Development Program Management Support. (Loan/Credit/Grant) No.P482. Clients: World Bank - Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Locations: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, North Sumatera, West Nusa Tenggara. Period: August 2018 - January 2022. Contract Values: USD 7,888,792.37

Brief Description of assignment:

The scope of work for the assignment includes the following thirteen broad categories of interrelated tasks: (1) Provide overall project management assistance, (2) Coordinate program activities, (3) Create synergies among all stakeholders, (4) Ensure accountability in project financial management, procurement management, monitoring and reporting, (5) Assist in preparing consolidated yearly expenditure/investment project proposals, (6) Establish an effective and transparent program monitoring system including management information system (MIS), a complaint handling system and systematic spot-checks; (7) Ensure high quality of program implementation and results; (8) Ensure that all social and environmental (including health and safety) safeguards are properly applied; (9) Ensure activity community participation; (10) Ensure proper spatial planning practice in accordance with the integrated tourism master plan; (11) Ensure proper complaint handling and resolution; (12) Ensure adequate capabilities for all program stakeholders; (13) Ensure timely delivery of reports