1. Loan Number : IBRD Ln.7504-ID , 7866-ID, IDA Cr.4384-ID
2. Contract Package : Oversight Consulting (OC) Regional Management Package 7 (Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara)
3. Contract No. & Date : HK 08.08/OC-7/IBRD-IDA/SNVT-PKP/011/2009, March 25, 2009
  Contract Amendment No. 1 : February 18, 2010
  Contract Amendment No. 2 : January 28, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 3 : January 31, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 3a : February 25, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 3b : March 29, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 3c : April 27, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 4 : May 31, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 5 : July 14, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 5a : August 26, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 6 : September 16, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 7 : November 22, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 8 : December 28, 2011
  Contract Amendment No. 9 : January 18, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 9a : February 14, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 10 : February 20, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 11 : March 27, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 12 : April 26, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 12a : May 29, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 13 : June 25, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 14 : August 15, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 15 : September 26, 2012
  Contract Amendment No. 16 : November 20, 2012
4. Contract Value : IDR.,- (excluding VAT 10%)
5. Credit/Grant Category : (2)
6. Completion Date of Contract : December 31, 2012
7. Brief Description of Services :  
  The Oversight Consultants (KMW) will have a role in implementing support for NCEP-Urban F.Y 2008 and Regular UPP phase advanced (PAPG, Neighborhood Development, Channeling Program, Replication, etc) at regional level, as well as control of support implementation by City Coordinators and assistants in their respective working area.

KMW is responsible to the PMU for the completion of all task s as assigned in this TOR. In principle, the KMW is responsible for the optimal achievement of project goals, objectives and outputs from field implementation. Structurally, OC is responsible to and under the direction of the NMC on technical issues and day-today management of the project on behalf of the PMU. In all OC activities, the OC is responsible to and under the direction of the NMC.

KMW will assist the provincial working unit (Satker or SNVT PBL Propinsi) to support contract administration, as well as management of the city coordinators and their assistants, and the kelurahan facilitators and assist the Satker Kota/Kabupaten to support community grant (BLM) In These tasks, KMW have full control over the korkot, askorkot and facilitators works in their area and therefore, KMW are also liable for the quality of work of the korkot, askorkot and facilitators. KMW also will be responsible for ensuring effective effort by city coordinators and their assistances and facilitator teams in raising awareness among community about local poverty, community development efforts, and goals and objectives of the project, empowering local target communities to organize themselves in a democratic, inclusive, transparent and accountable manner, assisting community groups in conducting community self-survey and community development planning, and maximizing target community participation.

In line with these tasks, as delegated by satker province, The Ocs will give recommendation to the Satker Province to delay the payment of Korkot, assistance and facilitators in cases of their non performing. The OC’s will give the recommendation to satker province related with award, promotion sanction and recruitment of the Korkot / assistance / Facilitator based on performance evaluation and guide line determined by KMP.

KMS is obligated to support city coordinators and their assistance and Faskel Team in the matters of training, facilitation, coaching, supervision, coordinating, reporting, MIS etc. OC is also has the obligation to facilitate FGDs regularly, in which it also fit to the need of city coordinator, assistance, and Faskel Team. Third, OC is responsible to enhance the capacity of related officials in province and Kabupaten/Kota levels, so that the local governments can take over and build partnership with BKMs in the post implementation of project.

Each KMW team will be headed by a Programmer Director (as a leader of OC and as a full representative of the consultant firm) to responsible and ensure the quality of NCEP-Urban F.Y 2008 implementation in their regional areas, to responsible for the delivery and achievement of the outputs produced by all staff/experts and also responsible to support all the facilities of the provincial teams as needed and in time. A program director must be located in ne of province in their area coverage.

Number of Coverage Areas the Oversight Consultant Package 7 (OC-7) - Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara are 3 provinces, 20 Kota/Kab and 416 Kelurahan.

The Oversight Consultant (OC) in the assignment work are as consist :
  • Assistance of provincial SNVT in contract administration and payments for City Coordinators (Korkot), Assistant City Coordinators (Askorkot) and Kelurahan Facilitator (Faskel) in their respective area
  • Assistance of Satker of Kota/Kabupaten SNVT in payment administration and monitoring withdrawal community grants (BLM) in their respective area
  • Facilitate, capacity building and control of Korkot, Askorkot and Faskel NCEP-URBAN in their area
  • Control of Facilitation of Participatory Planning for compiling or review capacity mapping and community Development Plans (CDP or PJM Pronangkis) based on HDI-MDG
  • Control of facilitation on readiness of BKM and working
  • Facilitation and control of capacity building activities (training and socialization) in their areas
  • Facilitation and control MIS data input activities
  • Control of facilitation for financial management activities
  • Facilitate. Implement and achieve of high performance of the Micro Finance (Revolving Loan Fund)
  • Control of facilitation of NCEP-URBAN infrastructure activities
  • Facilitate. Implement and manage the safeguard system and mechanism
  • Control and facilitation of capacity strengthening and increasing the role of the local government in implementation of NCEP-URBAN in their area
  • Control and facilitate completion of documents for CDP based on HDI-MDG
  • Control and facilitate strengthening of the role of KBP to become a communication forum for Poverty Alleviation efforts in the cities, involving local government, community and other stakeholders
  • Quality control and facilitation of the NCEP-URBAN 2008 and regular UPP program