1. LoanNumber : IND 147 - 151
2. Contract Package : Oversight Consultant (OC) Regional for Management For Package 2
3. Contract No. & Date : HK.02.03/OC-2/IDB-ICDD/SATKER-PKP/018/2013, March 2013
4. Contract Value : IDR. 28.886.306.000,- (exclude VAT 10%)
5. Credit/Grant Category : Consultantcy Service
6. Completion Date of Contract : June 6, 2014
7. Brief Description of Services :  
  The Ocs will be responsible to NMC on behalf of PMU/Satker. The Ocs conducts day-t0-day program operations and quality at their respective region. The Ocs will report to NMC including on program planning, budgeting, supervision, monitoring, reporting, and coordination, to ensure that program implementation at regional/provincial up to kelurahan level is in accordance with the program guidelines and loan agreements.

The objectives of OCs of PNPM Urban-ICDD consultancy services are:
  1. Ensure synergy of PNPM Urban-ICDD with other programs.
  2. Efficiently and effectively manage in the project manual and technical guidelines to ensure optimal achievement of the program objectives and performance quality at community and local government level and high level of performance and capabilities of Korkots and their assistants and facilitators in thir coverage areas;
  3. Ensure comprehensive understanding of stakeholders on concept, strategy, procedures and mechanisms including golas, objectives, inputs, outputs, procedures and mechanisms through integrated capacity building activities.
  4. Manage and supervise provincial and city coordinator teams to ensure smooth, efficient, and effective program management, including but not limited to project planning, budgeting, supervision, monitoring, reporting, coordination and performance evaluation.
  5. Ensure that the most appropriate implementation methodology are available and applied (grand strategy, implementation and technical manuals, Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), modules, MIS, complaint handling etc.) for ensuring that performance indicators of PNPM Urban and logical framework of ICDD program will be achieved.