1. Grant Number : PNPM Support Facility (PSF) Grant TF.098869 and DMF Grant TF.015476
2. Contract Package : Non Consultant Service for Individual Support
3. Contract No. & Date : KU.02.02/39/SPK/SATKER-RR/I/2013 dated January 10, 2013
  Contract Amendment No. 1 : 10 Mei 2013
4. Contract Value : IDR. 7.067.931.400,- (excluding VAT 10%)
5. Credit/Grant Category : Non Consultant Service (Category 4)
6. Completion Date of Contract : September 30, 2014
7. Brief Description of Services :  
The role of service provider under this non-consulting service contract for Technical Assistance–Implementation Operational is to support, manage and implement the operational implementation support for The Project Management Team REKOMPAK team for a period of 12 months.

As the professional staff of the Project Management Team is nominated by the Employer, the Service Provider is not responsible for their performance. In addition all Field Team staff members and Facilitators will be hired directly by regional SNVT. The Service Provider will not be responsible for their performance either.

The Service Provider is responsible for contracting the nominated staff, and timely payment of their salaries, taxes and social charges.

The Service Provider is furthermore responsible for the provision and performance of support staff (office manager, secretary, etc.), to be nominated and provided by the service provider, and for the timely delivery of operational services (office, office equipment, office utilities, communication costs, cars, duty travel, air tickets, report printing, workshop and training delivery (contents excluded), printing of socialization materials) as defined in the ITB. For the purpose of invoicing the Service Provider is to maintain accurate and complete accounts of all expenses.

The Service Provider for Project Management Team REKOMPAK will support Project Manager with the following scope of work, but is not limited to:
  1. Responsible to ensure implementation operational support for technical assistance and assistants of The Project mangement Team REKOMPAK will be performing in time.
  2. Provide Office and office equipment as needed to support the smooth operation of the Project Management Team REKOMPAK.
  3. Provide supporting staff as needed to assist the implementation of duties and responsibilities of Project Management Team REKOMPAK.
  4. Provide support activities Project Management Team REKOMPAK Team as required, including the activities of cordination meetings, workshops, dissemination, socialization, consolidation, etc.
  5. Providing support for duty travel of each experts of Project Management Team REKOMPAK according to project needs.
  6. Carry out administrative and operational tasks Project Management Team REKOMPAK team to support the optimization of the products produced by experts.
  7. Printing and submit reports of Project Management Team REKOMPAK to the Client.
  8. Assist project manager to document and disseminate all the documents product produced by Project Management Team REKOMPAK team (guidance, grant agreement, project documents, manuals, modules, readiness criteria, presentation materials, etc.)
  9. Carry out other task assigned by project manager.
  10. Support assessment Socialization and Public Campaign, Media Advokasi (Printing), Preparation of Base MAP and Maket, Coaching TIP and Volunteer, Assessment (Pemetaan Swadaya) and Village Vision and Workshop Basis.