1. Planning and Design

Planning and Design carried out to identify various development phases and dependable connection among factors that can be influence to the strategic planning. Strategic planning (design) is a creative activity process to obtain a final output that will be used to get the designed target. Both of those activities are carried out by approaching between a systematic discipline to reach the target with highly effective and efficient output and also the optimal utilization of manpower. The key factor to ensure the right tracks is project preparation. These activities covered survey and implementation plan.

2. Supervision

Oversee the implementation of the work in the field undertaken by the contractor to comply with the planning consultant planners, especially in terms of quality, time and solutions to the problems in the field. 

3. Construction Management 

Accompanying consulting planners and provide the necessary input when planning takes place. Oversee the implementation of the work in the field undertaken by the contractor to comply with the planning consultant planners, especially in terms of quality, time and solutions to the problems in the field. 

4. Feasibility Study

The overall service given by experts in order to determine a feasible development through analysis of activity plan, relevant data and development projections that might be reached. A feasibility study may provide information about critical decision that must be taken before. Policy study is to analyze the various impacts which can be done on the initial stage and during the term of development planning.

5. Project Management

Specific consultancy services intended to assist the project in resource management, overseas fellowship program, and training in the utilization of equipment, financing, monitoring and evaluation of the project work.



1. Monitoring and Evaluation

Project is performed efficiently and on schedule through effective administration and supervision.  An accurate project administration will ensure the utilization of manpower in accordance with the planned schedule and smooth flow of information to support decision-making.  Field supervision is carried out to ensure the project implementation based on the predetermined criteria.

2. Management Information System

Giving concepts applying of information technology system and draw up a good information technology implementation of personal system or system integrated, serving information technology solution, especially in software development which is supporting company/institution management performance, various information system, software of system development and database.

3. Social, Health and Environment Study

Development activities must be accurately designed to prevent negative impact to society and living environment.  Analysis can and has to be done as part of designing phase to know more of such factors which can cause the negative influences and various preventive actions that can be taken.

4. Community Development

The goal of the project is to enhance the capability of participating local governments to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and maintain simplified and yet comprehensive operation and maintenance programs for roads, drainage and solid waste management.  There by improving the quality of those infrastructure facilities and services and reducing the need for and costs of future rehabilitation programs.  To improve the provision of urban infrastructure services to meet the basic needs in selected towns and adapting to the growing infrastructure needs, urban infrastructure services in water supply and solid waste management, strengthen urban management capacity at the provincial level for environment management and related economic developments.

5. Capacity Building

Skeletal increasing of capacities includes policy of strategy, planning and also performance target and also strengthen good institute in organization, arrangement and regulation.  For example: organizational restructuring, equipment of regulation, change of management system and guidance, including human resource management covering methodologies system, the development training system and institute rationalization include cover training and education. 

6. Training and Human Resources Development

An effort in increasing quality of knowledge and skill of good human resource as according to policy and purpose of wishing reached intently covering training, workshop and also seminar.

7. Project Evaluation

Do evaluation to program which have completed executed.  Evaluation result information later serve the purpose of input material in compiling planning of program which will come and as making base on policy for reaching purpose and target for the agenda of realizing vision and mission which have been specified. 

8. Research and Development

Supporting and managing the development of science and technology through research and development activities.  Research activities are a way to satisfy the challenges and technology problems in the society and environment, so with actively taking apart in science and technology development and application for community services that is dedicated to human prosperity.