PT. Inersia Ampak Engineers (INERSIA) is a limited corporate established in 1976 which is specialized in consulting, training and engineering services. The firm is supported by professional in various disciplines. IAE’s past and recent records have proven that we have capability to implement projects with various degrees of difficulties and covered a vast area at district, provincial and national level. IAE assignment came from individual various institutions, from Government-owned, national and international companies including privates/individuals.

IAE’s vision is becoming preeminent and trusted consulting services in providing best consulting, training and engineering services to the clients. In line with this vision, IAE’s mission are to develop professional consulting, training and engineering services, to develop trust and good cooperation with partners, to increase quality and competency in providing consulting, training and engineering services, and to develop ethics, norms and best reputations in providing consulting, training and engineering services. These assignments covering various scope of work such as project monitoring and evaluation, project preparation, feasibility study and policy, social, health and environment study, strategic-planning as well as project management.

The scope of services of IAE as a limited corporate and consulting firm covers: Construction Consultancy Services (Architecture Works, Installation, Civil Services, Project Management, Supervision Services, Management Construction, Environmental Analysis, and Environment Engineering) and Non-Construction Consultancy Services (Community Development, Capacity Building, System/Organization, Medical Service, Health Nutrition and Pharmacy, Manpower Development, Community Health and Research, Social Infrastructure and Community Development/Participation, Telecommunication, Software Application, Education System and Evaluation, Curriculum Development and Methodology, and Technology and Information System. The organization structure consists of Management, Administration, Finance, Project Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Preparation, Feasibility Study & Policy, Social, Health & Environment, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Survey and Mapping.